QuikSand QSP-1 & 2 Filters

  • These filters are carefully assembled and tested in our facility, using only the highest quality materials
  • Outstanding cost effectiveness and simplicity
  • Vertical cylinder design uses less floor space than most conventional biofilters
  • Extreme duty construction for many years of service

QSP-2 Photo

The QSP filters were designed primarily for Koi ponds and moderate scale aquaculture systems. This is an open top (unpressurized return drain) fluidized bed filter that features both exceptional carrying capacity and low maintenance. It is the perfect filter for the person who is wanting to try their hand at aquaculture without spending a small fortune. Please remember to include an appropriate mechanical filter to remove the suspended solids from the water. Your filtration system does not have to be complicated to work properly; it just needs to be well designed. A lid is provided with the filter to keep out leaves and other debris.

This concept in filtration remains on the cutting edge of technology and has been proven in federal, state and private research labs. No other filter can compare!

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QSP-1 flows 3000 gallons/hr • QSP-2 flows 4500 gallons/hr