QuikSand QSM-6, 8 & 12 Filters

  • The original QuikSand® Fluidized Bed Filter, U.S. Patent # 5,879,567
  • These filters are carefully assembled and tested in our facility, using only the highest quality materials
  • The patented internal design insures that the filter restarts after any unexpected power outages
  • Vertical cylinder design uses less floor space than conventional biofilters
  • Extreme duty construction for many years of service

QSM-6 Photo

The QSM series of fluidized bed filters were specifically designed for serious aquaculture projects. Each filter is built of the highest quality, industrial grade materials, and is designed to give you years of trouble free service for your investment dollar. All of the QSM series filters are freestanding, pressurized units which incorporate all of our latest research and design technology. The QSM filters are designed to operate using the lowest water flow rates possible, translating directly into utility bill savings. Custom versions of this filter can also be designed and built to meet your special needs.

This concept in filtration remains on the cutting edge of technology and has been proven in federal, state and private research labs. No other filter can compare!

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QSM-6 to 1000 gallons • QSM-8 to 2500 gallons 
QSM-12 to 5000 gallons