QuikSand QSB-1 & 2 Filters

  • U.S. Patent # 5,792,368
  • Massive surface area makes this the most cost effective biological filter available today
  • QSB filters are designed to be run submerged in existing sumps and trickle filters
  • The patented "overflow" design provides outstanding aeration and heat dissipation
  • QSB systems come complete with both a pump and prefilter

QSB filter

QSB filters offer a simple solution to the common problem of filter location. They are designed to be placed directly into your existing sump, trickle filter or raceway tank. Water injected into the filter's base rises within the main cylinder, fluidizing the filter media. As the water overflows the open cylinder top, it quietly returns back down the outside of the filter, into the sump. 

While quite simple by design, these filters offer several interesting benefits to the fish keeper. Aside from a large biological surface area, you also gain a high level of aeration as the water flows in a thin film down the outside of the filter. The filter also "bleeds" heat, acting as a cooling tower for the rest of your system.

QSB-1 to 300 gallons • QSB-2 to 600 gallons