QuikSand QSA-Mini, 1 & 2 Filters

  • The original QuikSand® Fluidized Bed Filter, U.S. Patent # 5,879,567
  • These filters are carefully assembled and tested in our facility, using only the highest quality materials
  • The patented internal design insures that the filter restarts after any unexpected power outages
  • All QuikSand® filters are simple to install and easy to maintain
  • The QSA is actually a living, working piece of art!
QSA-Mini in operation

QuikSand® Filters were originally designed for commercial aquaculture systems that demanded the ultimate in efficiency and reliability. This unique design suspends the biological media in a moving column of water, thus allowing maximum bacterial growth and nitrification. 

This concept in filtration remains on the cutting edge of technology and has been proven in federal, state and private research labs. No other filter can compare!

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QSA-Mini to 60 gallons • QSA-1 to 120 gallons • QSA-2 to 180 gallons