Water Filtration Products

Bio-Con Labs has been designing and building aquaculture filtration equipment for more than 15 years. We offer a wide range of biofilters, ranging from small aquarium units to massive commercial systems that flow hundreds of gallons of water per minute. Here are a few examples of how our filters are currently being used:

Aquaculture applications

  • Aquatic research labs
  • Aquarium display systems
  • Food fish production
  • Tropical fish production
  • Lobster holding facilities
  • Live fish transportation tanks
  • Public zoo and aquarium displays
  • University research projects

Industrial applications

  • Package wastewater systems
  • Groundwater cleanup of gasoline spills
  • Bioremediation projects
  • Low visual impact situations (below grade)
  • Lagoon management in agriculture

Teclima Chillers

  • Wide range of Teclima Chillers

Fritz-Zyme Bacteria

  • Full product line of Fritz Industries live bacterial cultures

Although Bio-Con Labs is best known for its creation of the QuikSand line of fluidized bed filters, we are not limited to this one form of filtration. All aquatic systems are unique, and we design filtration solutions to best meet your special needs.